Nel 2007, a testimonianza che la professionalità e la trasparenza che da sempre caratterizzano il Gruppo non passano inosservate, I.DI.A. corona il proprio successo diventando membro di Temot International. Questa alleanza rappresenta per IDIA ed in particolare per il marchio Point Service una nuova opportunità che ne ha accresciuto il prestigio e l’influenza a livello europeo.


Temot International Shareholders

Temot Inter national has 22 shareholders covering a geo graphi cal area of 29 countries from Northern Europe to the Red Sea.\nThe Temot Inter national share holders are leading ware house distri butors operating at the first trade level. They supply jobbers and/or garages and installers trading with spare parts tools, accesso ries, garage equip ment and pro vide a com pre hen sive range of products, servi ces, systems and concepts.\nThe share holders re quire more from their busi ness part ners than com petitive con ditions. Marketing and after-sales support, EDI capa bili ties, training and techni cal informa tion, close communi cation, long-term perspec tive and trust ful partner ships are only some of the most im portant factors that de fine the quali ty of the relation ship.\nIn order to main tain this high ly compe ti tive pro file, our share holders in vest heavi ly in sys tems, tools, in­struments and hu man re sources creating the ne cessary infra structure to be the main and most im portant part ner of their fi nal customers.


Garage Concepts

You will find 25 different garage concepts in 19 countries associated with Temot Inter national. The total number of associa ted gara ges exceeds 13,000. This represents a major force on the European market. And be cause market pre sence and power also de mand re sponsi bility, our share holders in vest heavi ly in training, modern tools, state-of-the-art utili ties, common pro jects and logistics to meet the needs of today’s customer and future challenges.


What is also of major importance is a regu lar ex change of ex perience and best practi ces, which benefits all countries and the end customer. This e xchange of ex perience is realised through the newly-founded Garage Council, which unifies all pro fessionals re sponsible for the indivi dual garage con cepts in their re spec tive countries.\nThe major European full-service concept within the group of Temot International share holders is AUTOFIT. Launched in 1995, the con cept now has al most 2,000 garages and is present in 14 countries.